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Technology solves plot issues

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

I’ve been stuck on a plot issue in my latest thriller. If only there was a way for someone to listen into a cell phone conversation, I would be all set. I’m not talking about a law enforcement officer, I wanted anyone to be able to have this ability. Of course, that would be a bit scary to think someone could listen into any cell phone conversation.

I knew there were applications that allowed someone to hack into your phone and read your text messages and email. I knew someone could read the phone numbers you called, but I never knew apps existed to listen in on the phone conversations.

I did an Internet search anyway on “can someone listen into someone’s phone conversations on an iPhone?”

The answer is yes. Read about this amazing and frightening technology.

These days if your hero or heroine finds themselves in a tight spot you have only to search the Internet. Chances are someone has already invented the perfect solution to move your story forward.

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